Binding experiences for a first-person approach: Looking at Indian ways of thinking(darsana) and acting(natya) in the context of current discussions on 'consciousness'

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Working Papers


National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalore, Volume WP1, Number 81-87663-37-5, Bangalore (2002)



By and large, if we follow the current discussions on consciousness in the West we get two impressions. First, one gets to think that the understanding of consciousness is dependent on the understanding of, if not the brain, at least the physical processes guided by some mechanism and having the capabilities for replicating the phenomenon in vitro with the help of controlled experiments. Second, there is no consensual definition of the problem, method and the major goals of enquiry itself; and third there is insufficient recognition of the very complexity and subjective nature of the phenomenon. All the three features have jointly contributed towards generating vast literature, dialogues and discussions about a variety of issues relating to consciousness, the primary one being empirical research and on medical possibilities, especially in the area of 'abnormalities'.


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