Assessment of Air Power in India and China (Report No: NIAS/CSS/ISSSP/U/RP/067/2019)

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NIAS, Bengaluru (2019)


AESA Radar, Air Power, Avionics, Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft., Force Multipliers, Infrared Search and Track


<p>The assessment of air power is very significant in the present scenario as India is facing a lot of security threats from China and Pakistan. Even though numerous studies were done in the field of air power, there has been no assessment of India’s and China’s air power capability till now. This paper makes a thorough analysis on the fighter aircraft of Indian Air Force (IAF) and People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) mainly focussing on the avionics. The paper concludes by claiming that India should have more number of fighter aircraft squadrons to maintain the balance of air power and should have an advanced self-reliant avionics to prevent supply chain risks and to protect her from any kind of threat from her adversary.</p>