Actors, acting and action.

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National Institute of Advanced Studies, Volume L3, Number 81-87663-72-3, Bangalore (2007)



I did not know Mohandas Moses personally. One does not have to know a man or woman of action to feel the impact of their work. I offer his memory my tribute; I offer his example my salutation. But I do so as chaff might, to grain. Mohandas Moses life-work justified the choice of his first name; mine fails the chance of my surname. He brought to every office he held a vision of what he could do from it, of what he could make of that opportunity to serve the 'larger good'. The Food Corporation of India must run profitably. Mohandas Moses saw that it could also serve the cause of food security. Today, when circumstances are obliging us to import wheat,which we exported not too long ago, Mohandas Moses' is more than a memory to honour. It is an example to learn from.


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