Youth mobility webinar series

Dear NIAS colleagues and students,
Carol Upadhya and Supriya RoyChowdhury are presenting their work in this webinar on Tuesday, May 4. Do join if interested:

This webinar series is hosted by the UCL Centre for Global Youth and organised by Avril Keating (UCL Institute of Education), Rachel  Benchekroun (UCL Institute of Education), and Sazana Jayadeva (Department of Sociology, University of Cambridge):

Youth mobility webinar series

This five-part webinar series will explore youth mobility experiences in India, China, Australia and the UK. 

Webinar 1 (4 May, 12 - 1 pm UK time): India

  • 'Taking the Train Back Home: Migrant Service Workers in Bengaluru' by Carol Upadhya and Supriya RoyChowdhury (National Institute of Advanced Studies, India)
  • 'Compromise and complicity as “extra-rational” logics of international student mobility: the case of Indian medical students in a provincial university in China' by Peidong Yang (National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)

Webinar 2 (11 May, 12 - 1pm UK time): China

  • 'Cross-boundary mobilities for education in East Asia: tiredness and exhaustion'  by Johanna Waters (UCL Department of Geography)
  • 'Urbanised, liminal, permeated, and twisted: four orientations of habitus in rural students’ transitions to urban life' by Jiexiu Chen (UCL Institute of Education)
Webinar 3 (18 May, 9 - 10am UK time): Australia
  • 'Temporality in Mobile Lives: Contemporary Asia-Australia Migration and Everyday Time' by  Shanthi Robertson (Western Sydney University)
Webinar 4 (25 May, 12 - 1pm UK time): UK
  • 'Spatial structures of student mobility: Social, economic and ethnic "geometries of power"' by Michael Donnelly (University of Bath) and Sol Gamsu (University of Durham)
  • 'Mobility for me but not for Others: the contradictory cosmopolitan practices of contemporary White British youth' by Avril Keating (UCL Institute of Education)

Webinar 5 (1 June, 12 to 1pm UK time): Unaccompanied asylum seekers in the UK

  • Elaine Chase , UCL Institute of Education (Paper title TBC)
  • Rachel Rosen, UCL Institute of Education (Paper title TBC)
You can get further details about the webinars here and register here
Tuesday, May 4, 2021