Public lecture:"Tactics and Technologies in the recent Projection of Air Power over the LOC," by Prof. PM Soundar Rajan, 22 March 2019, Friday at 4:00 PM, NIAS

Title: Tactics and Technologies in the recent Projection of Air Power over the LOC
Speaker:  Prof. PM Soundar Rajan
Chairperson:  Prof. Rajaram Nagappa
Date: Friday, 22 March 2019
Time:  4:00 PM
Venue: Lecture Hall, NIAS
On the fateful morning of 26th February IAF planes crossed the LOC to conduct Pre-Emptive strikes on non military targets. The PAF retaliated the following day and took one IAF pilot as POW and released him later. This talk brings out the technological aspects of the participating combat aircraft (Mirage 2000, Su30MKI, MiG Bison, F-16..) such as radars, elctro-optic sensors, Electronic Warfare Sensors and other avionics. Precision Guided Munitions such as Laser Guided Bombs, Long Range air to ground Guided weapons and air to air missiles used are also discussed. Force multipliers such as the Airborne Early Warning Radar Aircraft and Flight Refuelling aircraft are also discussed. The subject of how an “ageing MiG21” shot down a “modern” F16 is also discussed. The Role and mission effectiveness of Rafale aircraft in this conflict would also be addressed In conclusion, Strategies to achieve air dominance, and hence keep peace in the neighbourhood are brought out
About the Speaker:
Prof  PM Soundar Rajan obtained his Masters in Electronics and Communication Engineering from the IISc. He commenced his professional career in 1973 with LRDE, Bangalore, DRDO. From 1978 he served as part of Aeronautical Development Establishment contributing towards Flight Testing and LCA Avionics Integration activities. As a Flight Test engineer he worked with ASTE aircraft from the ISKRA   to MiG 21, Ajeet and Kiran. He contributed towards flight test and evaluation of the DARIN I avionics and weapon system on the Jaguar aircraft. Since 1996, at DARE (ASIEO) he contributed towards the development and integration of Mission Computer, Display Processor and other Avionics systems for the Su30 MKI aircraft.  As the Chief Designer and Project Director of the MiG27 avionics upgrade, he has successfully upgraded the aircraft which is currently in Squadron Service. He has made significant contributions to the Jaguar upgrades (DARIN II and III). As the Director of Defence Avionics Research Establishment (DARE), he guided and progressed the development of  Electronic Warfare systems for the Jaguar, MiG 29, AEW&C and  LCA. He is the recipient of AGNI Award for excellence in Self Reliance for the year 2003 and DRDO Performance Excellence Award for the year 2008. Since 2017 he is with the International Strategic and Security Studies Programme at NIAS.
All are cordially invited
Friday, March 22, 2019