NIAS Wednesday Discussion: "Sociology of Right to Education: A Dynamic View" by Dr. Jeebanlata Salam, Lecture Hall, 0930 hrs

NIAS Wednesday Discussion Meeting


Topic: “Sociology of Right to Education: A Dynamic View”


 Speaker:  Jeebanlata Salam

Assistant Professor, Education Programme, NIAS    


Chairperson: Anitha Kurup

Professor & Dean, School of Social Sciences, NIAS  


Date: 14h September, 2016

Time: 9.30 am

Venue: Lecture Hall, NIAS


All are cordially invited


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Abstract: With the passing of the 86th amendment to the Constitution of India, elementary education has been shifted from being present in the directive principles of state policy to fundamental right. Despite its noble intention(s), this however poses huge challenges since making education a fundamental right requires various disadvantaged groups to be empowered in enabling to exercise their rights as right bearers. Furthermore, when education is made fundamental right, ideally, education becomes a justiceable right wherein one’s educational right is to be interpreted in light of other rights, including right to life. Hence understanding the rights perspective calls for a critical engagement of the nature of relationship between the state and its people. The arguments foregrounds that realizing the goal of educational right for all children goes well beyond education policies and projects alone. By means of sociological imagination, the present paper attempts to grasp rigorous interconnectedness of the complex patterns of social exclusion of children and their educational deprivation by sharing both field experiences and chronicles of everyday violence  that have continuously destroyed learning and educational opportunity  for children living in India’s Northeast conflict zone(s).  


About the Speaker: Dr.  Jeebanlata Salam is an Assistant Professor, Education Programme, School of Social Sciences, NIAS.  Prior to joining NIAS, Dr. Salam taught Sociology at Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi.


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Wednesday, September 14, 2016