NIAS Wednesday Discussion-Prof. PM Soundar Rajan will speak on "Challenges of Cyber Threat to Aerospace, Defence, and Infrastructure Sectors”

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Title: Challenges of Cyber Threat to Aerospace, Defence, and Infrastructure Sectors

Speaker: PM Soundar Rajan
                 Visiting Professor
                International Strategic and Security Studies Programme, NIAS


Chair: Nithin Nagaraj
             Associate Professor, Consciousness Studies Programme, NIAS


Date & Time: 25 November 2020 at 4.00 PM


Abstract: A cyber-physical system (CPS) is a system of collaborating computational elements controlling physical entities. CPS are physical and engineered systems who form a part of every modern infrastructure, financial or security system. The very nature of “Programmability” of cyber systems make them vulnerable to manipulation by unlawful or unfriendly entities. This talk brings out the vulnerabilities of cyber based systems to cyber-attacks. Examples include Power Generation and Distribution Systems, Nuclear facilities and the Defence Infrastructure. Also brought out are the vulnerabilities due to supply chain which is a global problem. In particular, India is very vulnerable due to import of computer chips, software and even weapon systems.


About the Speaker: Prof. P M Soundar Rajan is a Visiting Professor at National Institute of Advanced Studies and working on the International Strategic and Security Studies Programme. His areas of study include, fifth generation fighter avionics, High Energy Weapons, cyber security of weapon systems, AI applications in Electronic Warfare, Airpower assessment in Indian Neighbourhood, Chinese Electronics Technologies, Reliability and Ethical issues of Autonomous Lethal weapon Systems.

He served DRDO through Electronics and Radar Development Establishment, Aeronautical Development Establishment and Defence Avionics Research Establishment (DARE). During his Forty plus years of career in DRDO he developed various systems including Digital Radio Relay Systems, Flight Test Instrumentation System for UAVs and Combat Aircraft. He played a key role in the design and development of the Light Combat Aircraft Mission Computer and Avionics Integration Rig. At DARE he contributed towards the development and integration Avionics subsystems for the Su30 MKI aircraft.  As the Chief Designer and Project Director of the MiG27 avionics upgrade, he successfully upgraded the aircraft. As Director DARE, he guided the development of digital Electronic Warfare Systems.  He is the recipient of AGNI Award for excellence in Self Reliance for the year 2003 and DRDO Performance Excellence Award for the year 2008.

Wednesday, November 25, 2020