NIAS Wednesday Discussion-Ms. Mythrayi and Ms. Ekta Gupta will speak on “Creatures Boundless within a Boundary"

NIAS Wednesday Discussion


Topic:             Creatures Boundless within a Boundary-A glimpse into the world of birds  

                        and some peculiar insects at NIAS


Speakers:         Mythrayi Harshavardhan

                        Project Associate, School of Humanities, NIAS



                       Ekta Gupta

                        Ph.D. Scholar, School of Humanities, NIAS



Chairperson:   M.B.Rajani

                        Associate Professor, School of Humanities, NIAS



Date:               31st March 2021


Time:              4.00 PM


Venue:            Lecture Hall, NIAS


All are cordially invited


  * * *


Abstract: The thick green canopy at NIAS is home to an incredible variety of creatures. NIAS occupies a small space in one corner of the sprawling, lush green IISc campus. It is quite remarkable that in this pocket of well-maintained green space, amidst a dense urban neighbourhood, we can find more than 40 different species of birds and a multitude of insects. Some common sights and sounds of birds like, kites swooping down to low levels to catch prey; cries of the brahminy kites while they circle the skies; pigeons preening; high pitched calls of the barbets echoing throughout campus; enchanting songs of the bulbuls and magpie robins; and the twittering of the sunbirds; are hard to miss! This informal discussion is about these birds and some unusual insects that inhabit among us. A penchant for merely spotting these small creatures during our walks, rapidly turned into a documentation exercise. After tailing some species of birds for weeks, we were able to locate their nests, track their behaviour and activities. This is an ongoing extracurricular activity, however, we have compiled some photographs, and related information based on our own observations as well as accounts from various other people on campus. Through this informal presentation we would like to showcase a flurry of activities at NIAS and give you glimpses of the natural world around us.


About the Speakers:

Mythrayi Harshavardhan is a Project Associate at NIAS, working with Dr. M.B.Rajani, on a project that entails geospatial mapping and remote sensing of heritage water systems in the Malaprabha River Valley. She has a background in Architecture and Urban Planning.


Ekta Gupta is a PhD scholar at NIAS, IISc campus Bengaluru. She is studying historical  maps to understand  past geomorphic changes and explore archaeological sites in coastal India by integrating these cartographic records with remote sensing data and GIS technology.  She has educational background in Geography, GIS and remote sensing, and has worked as research assistant at Center for Ecological Sciences, IISc and at NIAS.


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Wednesday, March 31, 2021