NIAS Wednesday Discussion - Dr Tejal Kanitkar will speak on “Keeping 1.5 deg. C Alive” at COP26, and the Road Ahead for India.

NIAS Wednesday Discussion


Topic:              Keeping 1.5 deg. C Alive” at COP26, and the Road Ahead for India


Speaker:          Tejal Kanitkar

Associate Professor, School of Natural Sciences & Engineering, NIAS


Chairperson:   R Srikanth

                        Professor and Dean, School of Natural Sciences & Engineering, NIAS


Date:               24 November 2021 


Time:              4.00 PM 


Venue:             Lecture Hall, NIAS


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Abstract: The COP Presidency (United Kingdom) had expressed its intention of ensuring that the 26th Conference of Parties (COP26) was about increasing ambition in climate action and “Keeping 1.5 deg. C Alive”. In keeping with this goal, COP26 began with major announcements from heads of states from across the world on short- and long-term commitments to mitigate climate change. One of the big announcements was from India. However, as the Conference drew to a close, exceeding its scheduled time by one day, the reactions from across the world and also from within India on what COP26 achieved, not only in terms of mitigation ambition, but also on finance, technology transfer, loss and damage, and other key issues of importance primarily for developing countries, have been varied. This talk will address some of these issues, focusing primarily on the science of “Keeping 1.5 deg. C Alive”, “Net-Zero” declarations, and their implications for finance and technology transfer. It will also discuss some of the issues before India going forward, in light of the outcomes of COP-26.   


About the speaker:  Dr Tejal Kanitkar joined the Energy, Environment, and Climate Change Programme at NIAS as Associate Professor in June 2019. She works on climate and energy policy, and energy-environment-economy modeling. The focus of her work in the energy and climate domain has been to develop methods and models that will help to understand and address the concerns of developing economies, facing multiple economic, environmental, developmental, and resource constraints. She was a member of the Indian delegation at COP26.


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Wednesday, November 24, 2021