NIAS Wednesday Discussion-Dr. Tejal Kanitkar will speak on “The Supply-Need Gap in India's Vaccination Program”

NIAS Wednesday Discussion




Topic:              “The Supply-Need Gap in India's Vaccination Program”                    


Speaker:          Tejal Kanitkar

                        Associate Professor, Energy Environment Programme, NIAS


Chairperson:   Anindya Sinha

                        Professor, Animal Behaviour and Cognition Programme, NIAS


Date:               5 May 2021 


Time:               4.00 PM 


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The presentation will provide an overview of the performance of India's COVID-19 vaccination drive in its first three phases. Scenarios for vaccine requirement across states, the supply situation, rates of administering the vaccines, potential cost to the states, and the resulting possibilities for vaccine coverage will also be presented. Analysis of data till 30 April 2021 shows that at the current rate of vaccination, which is about 2.2 million doses/day, only 30 percent of the eligible population will be vaccinated fully by the end of this year. To cover the entire eligible population, it will take more than two years at the current daily vaccination rate. I argue that the main constraint the country faces is that of vaccine supply, which could have been addressed by better advanced planning and that vaccine administration across states has also been highly differentiated so far, and the new policy of liberalised vaccine rollout, is likely to exacerbate this differentiation further. 


About the speaker:  


Tejal Kanitkar, Associate Professor in the Energy and Environment Program, NIAS. She works on energy planning, policy, and climate change mitigation.  




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For further info, please contact Prof Anindya Sinha [] or Shri K S Rama Krishna [], Coordinators of the NIAS Wednesday Discussion Meetings. 


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Wednesday, May 5, 2021