NIAS Wednesday Discussion - Dr. Shailaja D Sharma will speak on “Mathematics, Computation, Ganita Sastra: A Comparison”

NIAS Wednesday Discussion



Topic:              Mathematics, Computation, Ganita Sastra: A Comparison

Speaker:          Shailaja D Sharma

Dr S Radhakrishnan Chair Visiting Professor, NIAS  


Chairperson:   Nithin Nagaraj

                        Associate Professor, Consciousness Studies Programme, NIAS


Date:               28 July 2021 


Time:               4.00 PM 


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Mathematics, as per mathematicians, is a creative field, which is described best as 'what mathematicians do'. More precise definitions have been offered of course, for example, as being the study of all the possible types of relations, between well-defined entities. For our purposes, we will focus on mathematics as theorem-proving, based on a set of axioms and using a well-defined logical system.  On the other hand, computation can also be described as  'what computers do', but more precisely, as calculations performed by means of algorithmic methods, using knowledge represented via data structures. Ganita Sastra, described by its practitioners as the subject matter entailed in the act of counting and computations, exhibits characteristics of both. We will take a broad overview of the similarities and differences, with certain examples and thought exercises. The main purpose is to stimulate a warm discussion on a (possibly rainy) Wednesday afternoon at NIAS.


About the speaker: 

Dr Shailaja D Sharma, Dr S Radhakrishnan Chair at NIAS, is associated with the Mathematical Heritage Programme of the Institute since 2020, and teaches mathematics and statistics at the Azim Premji University in Bangalore. She previously worked for 25 years in the corporate sector, which she left due to an overpowering need to return to mathematics and explore its foundations and meaning. She earned her doctorate. in Mathematics from IIT Bombay in 1990.


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  For further info, please contact Prof Anindya Sinha [] or Shri K S Rama Krishna [], Coordinators of the NIAS Wednesday Discussion Meetings. 


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Wednesday, July 28, 2021