NIAS Wednesday Discussion-Dr. P G Diwakar will speak on 'Geospatial Analytics – Typical Contemporary solutions for Governance'

NIAS Wednesday Discussion



Topic:              “Geospatial Analytics – Typical Contemporary solutions for Governance”


Speaker:          P G Diwakar

ISRO Chair Professor, NIAS


Chairperson:    Rajaram Nagappa

                        Visiting Professor

International Strategic and Security Studies Program, NIAS



Date:               17th February 2021


Time:               4.00 PM


Venue:             Lecture Hall, NIAS


All are cordially invited


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Abstract: Geospatial technology provides unique information, in a simple intuitive form, to facilitate planners and decision makers for easy decision making. With the availability of newer technologies on web domain, various opportunities exist to organize diverse inputs on such a platform, including satellite images based information to help governments in developmental and governance related issues. The element in such applications are the analytics. Decision makers look for easy analytical results to make quick decision on specific issues. Hence, Geospatial Analytics plays a critical role as an enabler in positioning user-friendly presentation of the status and also the analytical results for planning or decision making.


Today’s world has easy access to diverse digital inputs through various means and there are many options for online computation and analytics too. Thus, the Planners, decision-makers and even the common humans could always use such data/ information at their fingertips for analysis and inferences. Considering the power of technology, it has become imperative to intelligently adapt to online platforms that provides much required analytics and also predictions for ease of decision making, particularly the Government systems. Web-based Geospatial technology is one of those all-enabling platforms that has brought about a paradigm shift in the way the Government can adapt to quick decision-making today. The technology handles inputs from various sources, such as, satellite images, mobile devices, GPS and other ICT platforms for near real-time planning and decisions.


The presentation highlights some of the typical adaptations of the geospatial analytics for many of the Government’s flagship programs in enhancing transparency and better governance.


About the speaker: Dr P G Diwakar has joined NIAS as ISRO Chair Professor w.e.f., 04 November 2020. Dr Diwakar retired as Distinguished Scientist from ISRO, Department of Space. Some of the key positions held by him in the Department of Space are (a)Head, Regional Remote Sensing Centre, Bangalore, (b) Associate Director, Earth Observation System, ISRO HQ, Bangalore, (c) Programme Director, Earth Observation System, ISRO HQ, Bangalore (d) Deputy Director, National Remote Sensing Centre (NRSC), Hyderabad, (e) Scientific Secretary, ISRO, Bengaluru & (f) Director, Earth Observation & Disaster Management


Dr Diwakar specializes in the following areas: Space Technology & Applications; Digital Image Processing; Application Software Design & Development and Geospatial Technology and Solutions


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Wednesday, February 17, 2021