NIAS Wednesday Discussion-Dr. M Harikrishna will speak on "Integrated approach to development and environment in the power sector"

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Title: Integrated approach to development and environment in the power sector


Speaker: Harikrishna M
Former Post-Doctoral Associate, Energy and Environment Program, NIAS


Chair: A.V. Krishnan,
Principal Scientist, Energy and Environment Program, NIAS


Date & Time: 23 December, 2020 at 4.00 PM



As of March 2019, the total installed capacity of Thermal Power Plants (TPPs) based on subcritical technology (plant size up to 600MW) is approximately 75% of the total installed TPP capacity of 201 GW in the country. TPPs equipped with supercritical technology (plant size of 660–800MW) constitute the remaining 25% of the total TPP capacity in India. This presentation focused on investigating the feasibility, flexible operation, and economic advantages of the transition strategy in southern region grid of India considering the phase-out of proposed old Thermal Power Plants (TPPs) from the grid and the integration of new High Efficient and Low Emission (HELE) TPPs into the grid. The core element of feasibility study is to conduct system power flow studies considering the phase-out of obsolete TPPs from the transmission grid and the integration of TPPs into the grid. It is found the retirement of TPPs has a negligible impact on the grid operation due to the availability of planned thermal power generation and inter-regional transmission capacity in FY 2022-23 and FY 2-26-27 which together enable bulk power delivery and help in promoting clean power generation across regions.


About the Speaker:

Dr. Harikrishna worked as a Post-Doctoral Associate at National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalore. He completed his Doctor of Philosophy and Master of Technology from the Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee in 2017 and 2010, respectively. His research interests include power systems, data analysis in the energy mix and renewable energy resources. Harikrishna completed his Bachelor of Technology from Jyothishmathi Institute of Science and Technology, Telangana. He has a total five years of experience in academic, industry and research fields. He received a POSOCO award by PGCIL, five scholarships from MHRD, Government of India, and best paper certificate in international conference, which is organized Amity University, Dubai. He is a Member of IEEE, IET, IET and life member of ISTE organizations.

Wednesday, December 23, 2020