NIAS Wednesday Discussion - Dr. Jayasree Vaidyanathan will speak on “Knowledge, Attitudes and Practice: The Development of Effective and Sustainable Management Strategies for Drinking Water in the Kuttanad Region of Kerala”

NIAS Wednesday Discussion



Topic:              Knowledge, Attitudes and Practice: The Development of Effective  

                        and Sustainable Management Strategies for Drinking Water in the 

                        Kuttanad Region of Kerala


Speaker:          Jayasree Vaidyanathan 

                        Principal Investigator, School of Natural Sciences and Engineering, NIAS


Chairperson:    Anindya Sinha

                        Professor, Animal Behaviour and Cognition Programme, NIAS


Date:               16 June  2021 


Time:               4.00 PM 


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Abstract: Surrounded by vast expanses of water, the Kuttanad region in Alleppey district, Kerala faces severe drinking water scarcity due to various reasons, including infrastructure failure and civic body inaction. A three-decade persistent problem has been getting aggravated in the recent past, adversely impacting the riparian community of the region. Although the Government of Kerala has had a vision to alleviate the water crisis in the area, the existing practices and policies have not resulted in any pragmatic solutions, mainly because most of them have been piecemeal and applicable only for short-term risk alleviation. The present study is an effort to relook at the water scenario of the region under the purview of availability, efficiency/deficiency in management of resources by civic agencies and quality concerns, which are the most important aspects of drinking water supply anywhere. This study also examined the various aspects of water management to find the gaps to address the weakness in current management practices, which could aid in devising a working plan for mitigating this problem. A survey to understand the knowledge, attitudes and practice (KAP), pertaining to the sourcing and usage of drinking water in selected water-scarce pockets of the vulnerable Kuttanad region was thus carried out. Our observations highlighted the major issues pertaining to drinking water and gaps in addressing its shortage, while recalling past-best practices of fetching potable water from clean and well-maintained sources that have, however, degraded gradually. Our results are thus not only useful in exploring feasible alternatives, but also important in instilling a sense of green thinking amongst policymakers and the public, thereby ensuring effective water management and sustenance in the region.  


About the speaker: Dr Jayasree Vaidyanathan is working as a Principal Investigator of a DST-supported project, entitled Water Hyacinth: A Resource for Energy, Rural Enterprise and Women Empowerment in the Kuttanad Region, in the School of Natural Sciences and Engineering. 



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Wednesday, June 16, 2021