NIAS Wednesday Discussion - Dr. Chetan Choithani will speak on “Migration, food security and development”

NIAS Wednesday Discussion



Topic:              Migration, food security and development”                   


Speaker:          Chetan Choithani

                        Assistant Professor, Inequality and Human Development Programme, NIAS 



Chairperson:   Narendar Pani

                        Professor, Inequality and Human Development Programme, NIAS 



Date:               12 May 2021 


Time:               4.00 PM 


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Abstract: The presentation draws on my research on the linkages between migration and food security in India. In recent years, these two issues of migration and food security have occupied centerstage in global development policy and research agendas. But discussions on these issues have tended to largely proceed in silos with little attention devoted to the relationship they bear with each other. Using primary survey data collected from 392 rural households in India, this presentation aims to bridge this disconnect. It focuses on two central features of migration in India that include i) circular moves, and ii) male-dominated migration, to highlight how these present two key pathways through which migration-food security relationship plays out: first, the linkages that circular migration creates between rural and urban economies through remittances; second, through changes triggered by male-dominated pattern of migration with household headship and decision-making falling on women. The findings suggest that while remittances contribute positively to household food security, the potential positive effects of improved women autonomy on food security appear to be offset by gender-based disadvantage faced by household headed by left-behind women. 


About the speaker: Chetan Choithani is Assistant Professor in Inequality and Human Development Programme, National Institute of Advanced Studies. His research and teaching interests include migration and urbanization, food and nutrition security, livelihoods, gender, and social policy, and how they relate to development, particularly in the Indian context. 


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For further info, please contact Prof Anindya Sinha [] or Shri K S Rama Krishna [], Coordinators of the NIAS Wednesday Discussion Meetings. 


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Wednesday, May 12, 2021