NIAS Wednesday Discussion-Dr. Chetan Choithani will speak on “In search of ‘urban’ ”

NIAS Wednesday Discussion  



Topic:              In search of ‘urban’  


Speaker:          Chetan Choithani 

                        Assistant Professor, Inequality and Human Development Programme, NIAS  



Chairperson:   Aleena Sebastian

                        Assistant Professor, Urban and Mobility Studies Programme, NIAS 



Date:               18 May 2022  


Time:               4.00 PM  


Venue:             Lecture Hall, NIAS   


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Abstract:  This talk will look at the current debates in urban studies on the ‘urban’ question. In 2008, for the first time in human history, more people lived in urban towns than in rural areas, and demographic projections show that humanity is ultimately headed towards an urban future. Much of the future urban growth will occur in the developing world. This urban transition has prompted wide-ranging discussions on the global urban conditions, particularly focusing on the nature of urbanisation in the Global South. These discussions have also inspired animated debates on the epistemological foundations of the ‘urban’ itself, which has raised questions on the portability of the existing theory. This presentation will provide an overview of these debates and will critically reflect their relevance for India.


About the speaker:  Chetan Choithani is Assistant Professor in the Inequality and Human Development Programme, National Institute of Advanced Studies. His research and teaching interests include migration and urbanisation, food and nutrition security, livelihoods, gender and social policy, and how they relate to development, particularly in the Indian context. 

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For further info, please contact Prof Anindya Sinha [] or Shri K S Rama Krishna [], Coordinators of the NIAS Wednesday Discussion Meetings.  


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Wednesday, May 18, 2022