NIAS Wednesday Discussion-Cmdr. Kartik Krishnan will speak on “Comprehensive Maritime Security in IOR: Role of IFC-IOR”

NIAS Wednesday Discussion


Topic:              Comprehensive Maritime Security in IOR: Role of IFC-IOR”


Speaker:          Kartik Krishnan

Adjunct Professor, ISSSP, NIAS    


Chairperson:    Srikumar Pullat

                        Head, International Strategic and Security Studies Programme, NIAS



Date:               3rd March 2021


Time:               4.00 PM


Venue:             Lecture Hall, NIAS


All are cordially invited


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Abstract: The global security environment has changed dramatically over the past decade. Today’s threats are dynamic, unpredictable, diverse, networked and constantly evolving. As one gazes out into the Indian Ocean from Delhi, what immediately strikes is the centrality of the ocean to the affairs of the world. The Indian Ocean continues to remain the only connection between the economic prosperity of the West and the aspirations for it in the East. In an increasingly globalised world, it is imperative for the two to meet and amalgamate together for lasting peace. Today the security of the Indian Ocean region faces challenges largely from non-state actors and in some areas from state-sponsored non state actors. In the central and western parts of the Indian Ocean, excessive fishing by out-of-region vessels and the depletion of fish stocks threaten the way of life of numerous citizens of IOR nation states. This is further compounded by illegal unregulated and unrestricted fishing within the EEZs of smaller nations. In the northern parts of the IOR, human trafficking continues to remain a threat to the peace and stability of the region. This flow of illegal migrants across national borders can quickly transform from a humanitarian crisis associated movement to one that has ramifications on the security of the nation.


India realises that Maritime challenges being transnational in nature and the spectrum of threat no longer being limited to the immediate environs or particular entity, one nation alone would not be able to counter it single-handedly and therefore requires a global response in a coordinated manner. The Indian Navy has been endeavouring to tackle these challenges with a multi-pronged approach. The need to establish Information Fusion Centre – Indian Ocean Region stems from the importance of the Indian Ocean to world trade and security, and for the various maritime nations and organisations to collaborate towards enhancing maritime safety and security of the seas. The talk would focus on the transnational dimension of the maritime challenges in the Indian Ocean and how the shared awareness, collective wisdom and resources help to address the myriad challenges in the region.   


About the speaker: Commodore Kartik Krishnan was commissioned in the Indian Navy in 1989. He was a communications and electronic warfare specialist, graduate of the expeditionary warfare school, the US and the higher defence management course at college of defence management. The officer had commanded three ships, missile vessel INS Nipat, missile corvette Kuthar and the destroyer Delhi. He also tenanted the appointment of the fleet operations officer of the western fleet. He had varied staff experience having served at Naval Headquarters in three appointments - Joint Director of Personnel, Director Combat Management Systems and Principal Director Networks and Space Operations. He was commended twice by the chief of naval staff and awarded Nao Sena Medal in 2017. He was responsible for setting up the information fusion centre Indian Ocean region at Gurugram that was inaugurated in dec 2018 by the Raksha Mantri. He has also been part of a delegation to china to participate in the second India - China maritime affairs dialogue and also took part in the international maritime conference at Lagos, Nigeria in 2018. He also highlighted the importance of the IFC-IOR during the UN Office of Drugs and Crime Expert Group Meeting on advanced dark targeting capability to counter maritime crime at Colombo in July 2019. 



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Wednesday, March 3, 2021