NIAS Wednesday Discussion: “Number Representation: Utility, Aesthetics & Innovation” by Dr Shailaja D Sharma, Lecture Hall, 9.30hrs

NIAS Wednesday Discussion


Number Representation: Utility, Aesthetics & Innovation



Shailaja D Sharma

Adjunct Faculty, NIAS, .   


                                                     Chairperson: Dr Nithin Nagaraj, Assistant Professor, Consciousness Studies Programme, NIAS,                                                       

22nd February, 2017, JRD Tata Auditorium, NIAS, 9.30 AM


Abstract: India is credited with some of the key innovations in number representation. These include the place-value system, the decimal base system and the Indian numerals themselves. There are less-known aspects, such as the use of negative numbers, development of alphabetical codes for storing important numbers, and the creation of evocative mathematical terminology. This talk will centre around a few illustrative examples in this context, identifying some areas and lines of investigation, and eliciting discussion, from the standpoint of aesthetics, utility and innovation in mathematical method.

About the Speaker: 

The speaker holds a doctorate in Mathematics from IIT Bombay and spent over 25 years in the corporate and social development sectors. Chance encounters with Ganita literature drew the speaker back into the world of teaching and learning. She is keenly interested in teaching, learning and applying mathematical and statistical methods in various domains and communicating math to non-mathematical audiences. She is also exploring Ganita literature with a view to making it relevant and accessible to today’s minds.




All are cordially invited

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Wednesday, February 22, 2017