NIAS Thesis Proposal Presentation: "Interactions of Consent: Human - Bovine Relations in Tamil Nadu" by Mr. S Vignesh, Conference Hall II, NIAS, 1400hrs

National Institute of Advanced Studies

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Thesis  Proposal  Presentation


Title: Interactions of Consent: Human - Bovine Relations in Tamil Nadu


Date: Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Speaker: Mr. S Vignesh

Time:  2:00 pm

Venue:  Conference Hall II, NIAS



The diverse and dynamic forms of human - bovine relations in Tamil Nadu span across multiple domains - ethno-veterinary practices, playful activities, breeding, among many. The region of Tamil Nadu, specifically rural areas, with its active forms of diverse relations between humans and bovines, provides a rich field to pursue an research into human - bovine relationship. Inspired by the emergent discipline of Human - Animal Studies this proposed research concerns itself with the study of relations between humans and bovines in the region of Tamil Nadu. This research highlights the importance of critical moments of interactions happening between the human and the animal in studying human - animal relationships. Taking the critical moments of interactions between humans and bovines in Tamil Nadu, and the implicit notion of consent in operation in these moments, this research pursues the study of human - bovine relations. For exploring the operating dynamics of human - bovine interactions, five specific nodes - procreation, play, pain, death and mundane - are chosen, which constitute key moments in the life of a bovine. The main objective of this proposed research is to understand the operating dynamics of human - bovine interactions by mapping the possibilities and impossibilities of consent and its impact in the relationship between humans and bovines in Tamil Nadu.


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Wednesday, January 24, 2018