NIAS Public Lecture: "The Impact of Big Data Computing and Augmented Intelligence" by Dr. Tilak Agerwala, Lecture Hall, 16:30 hrs

NIAS Consciousness Studies Programme


Public Lecture

The Impact of Big Data Computing and Augmented Intelligence


Dr. Tilak Agerwala

        IBM Research Emeritus & IBM Research Vice President (retd.). T.J.Watson Research Center, Greater New York City Area, IBM, USA

12 January, 2017, Wednesday at 1630 hrs Lecture Hall, NIAS

Chairperson: Sangeetha Menon, Prof & Head, NIAS Consciousness Studies Programme


Abstract: We are on the brink of the Fourth Industrial Revolution which will have a profound impact on humanity. This fourth revolution is characterized by a fusion of technologies in the physical, digital, and biological spheres and was spurred by the digital revolution that we have witnessed over the last 50+ years. The focus of this talk will be on key elements of the digital revolution: big data as well as computation on that data to extract increasing meaning and value. The methods discussed include high performance computing, analytics, and intelligence (both augmented and embedded). Impact will be illustrated by examples. Since most people do not recognize that technology advances will continue unabated at exponential rates, the talk concludes with a brief discussion on ethics, where there are more questions than answers.


About the Speaker: Dr Tilak Agerwala is an adjunct professor in the Seidenberg College of CSIS, Pace University, NY and an IBM Emeritus. He is passionate about applying high performance and data centric computing technologies to transform science, engineering, health care, energy, education, and national security and educating the next generation of technical leaders in government, industry and academia. In his IBM career, spanning 35 years, Dr Tilak held executive positions in research, strategy, advanced development, marketing, and business development. He was part of and led teams that developed and brought to market, technologies and supercomputers for high performance and data centric computing. Prior to joining IBM, Dr Tilak was an assistant professor of Electrical Engineering at The University of Texas, Austin.

Dr Tilak is a Member of the National Science Foundation Advisory Committees on Engineering and Advanced Cyber Infrastructure and a Council Member of the National Academies Government University Industry Research Round Table (GUIRR). He is Life Fellow of the IEEE and a recipient of IEEE's W. Wallace McDowell Award. He has given well over a hundred invited presentations, keynotes, and distinguished lectures at conferences, universities and national laboratories worldwide. Dr Tilak received his B.Tech. in Electrical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India and his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland.


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