NIAS Heritage, Science and Society Programme-Debating Heritage (Friday lecture)- Dr. Pankaj Goyal will speak on "Human-Animal Interactions during the Harappan Period at Kanmer "

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Debating Heritage (Friday lecture)


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Topic:  Human-Animal Interactions during the Harappan Period at Kanmer 


Dr. Pankaj Goyal


Department of Ancient Indian History, Culture and Archaeology

Deccan College PGRI

Pune 411006




Date: 23/04/2021

Time: 11.30. A.M



The region of Gujarat is one of the important regions for understanding the past human-animal interactions. The present paper will discuss the results of archaeozoological study conducted at Kanmer, a multi-cultural site. The paper will deal with the material excavated from different Harappan contexts at the site. This study has provided important information regarding the animal-based subsistence economies at the Harappan sites in Kachchh and contributed to a more general synthesis of Harappan animal-use strategy for the region as a whole. Based on this data, some hypotheses about the Harappan animal use will be made in terms of range of animals being exploited, the time periods they are found in, the types of environment they are indicative of, and the types of activities associated with them.


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Heritage Science and Society Programme

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Friday, April 23, 2021