NIAS-DST Training Programme: Science & Technology: Global Developments & Perspectives, Call for Nominations

A reality to reckon with, advancement and development of science and technology (S&T) have had a defining impact and implication on the human civilization. Development and advancement of S&T is mostly engaged through the perspective of progress of human civilization in general and respective nation states in particular. While such perspectives take centre stage of the engagement, many other subtle but very important aspects of S&T’s interactions with human societies are either overlooked or inadequately engaged with. One such perspective in this regard has been the impact of S&T developments on the day to day lives of the humans as a whole.

There is also a greater need to critically engage with both the contributions and the fall outs. One of the ways of doing the same is to take the global developments in S&T and juxtapose with the developments locally. This process of engagement would help in identifying the major areas of coordination with global and local perspectives.

•Addressing energy shortage and climate change: role of S&T
•S&T in public health care
•Advancement of S&T: global and local manufacturing and engineering
•Communicating science: challenges, practices and prospects
•Advancement in S&T: role of education
•Future of Agriculture: role of S&T
•Artificial intelligence: benefits and risks
•S&T for National security
•Managing S&T: global and local practices
•S&T developments: implications on social conflicts
Monday, December 9, 2019 to Friday, December 20, 2019
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JRD Tata Auditorium, NIAS, IISc Campus, Bengaluru 560012