NIAS-CSP Friday Online Lecture on "Literature as Pedagogy-Insights from Indian Aesthetics"


 NIAS-CSP Friday Online Lecture 

Organised by NIAS Consciousness Studies Programme, National Institute of Advanced Studies, Indian Institute of Science campus, Bengaluru 560012

Topic: "Literature as Pedagogy-Insights from Indian Aesthetics" 

Speaker: Dr. Shankar Rajaraman

Introduction & About NIAS CSP Friday Lectures: Niharika Sharma

Chairperson: Meera Menon

Date: 18 December 2020


Time: 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm 

Venue: Click here to fill in this Zoom registration form and receive the link directly to your email Inbox.

About the Speaker: Dr. Shankar Rajaraman is an MBBS doctor, a psychiatrist by training and a Sanskrit poet by passion. He is currently working as a postdoctoral scholar at NIAS, Bangalore. He holds a doctoral degree in an interdisciplinary subject that bridges the psychology of self-conscious emotions and Sanskrit aesthetics. He is a recipient of the Badrayan Vyas Samman from the Hon'ble President of India for his contribution to Sanskrit literature.

Abstract: According to Indian (predominantly Sanskrit) aestheticians, the twofold aim of all literature is to provide an experience of aesthetic bliss (rasa) and impart knowledge (vyutpatti). However, it is the former that has received greater scholarly attention than the latter. The educational aspect of literature has been relegated to a secondary position, sometimes with disdain, even by traditional scholars. In this talk, I shall explore the following questions:

1.      What do we learn from literature?

2.      How do we learn what we learn from literature?

3.     What is the relationship between the recreational and educational facets of literature?

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Friday, December 18, 2020