NIAS-CSP Friday Online Lecture on "Lessons learnt from traditional Indian health systems: A case study on Ayurveda"


 NIAS-CSP Friday Online Lecture 

Organised by NIAS Consciousness Studies Programme,

National Institute of Advanced Studies, Indian Institute of Science campus, Bengaluru 560012


Topic: Lessons learnt from traditional Indian health systems: A case study on Ayurveda

Speaker: Dr Pushya A. Gautama

Introduction & About NIAS CSP Friday Lectures: Niharika Sharma

Chairperson: Dr Shankar Rajaraman

Date: 10th July 2020

Time: 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm 

Venue: Zoom online meeting - Click here to receive the Zoom link and attend the lecture or contact us on 

About the Speaker: Pushya A. Gautama is an Ayurveda doctor (MD). She is currently the record holder at the Rajeev Gandhi University for Health Sciences, Bengaluru, for the highest ever BAMS score. At present, she is a research consultant at NIAS-CSP under Prof. Sangeetha  Menon, and at Ramaiah Indic Specialty Ayurveda Hospital, Bengaluru. She is particularly interested in studying the links between contemporary Ayurveda praxis and consciousness. 

Abstract: The Indian civilization is among the most ancient in the world, and has long been home to hugely diverse populations and consequently, knowledge systems. Till the advent of British colonization, Indian agriculture, education, medicine, politics and science thrived, sustained and was in turn sustained by these diverse people. However, even 50 years after British colonization of India, complex and brilliant knowledge systems, agricultural paradigms, science and technology, that had evolved with and sustained this land over ten thousand years, were almost fully gone, heavily undermined and ravaged under the ruthless rule of an alien power that had no interest in understanding or learning, but only in plundering.

This talk will attempt to revisit aspects of traditional Indian knowledge and wisdom, with specific reference to medicine, and examine their foundations in an understanding of the fine webs that sustain life and their inter-relationships, and how a sense of identity and community formed around this understanding in ancient India.

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Friday, July 10, 2020