Film Screening: ‘Our Metropolis’ by Gautam Sonti and Usha Rao


Indian Institute of Science Campus,

Bengaluru - 560 012

invites you to a screening of the film

Our Metropolis


Gautam Sonti and Usha Rao

Date    :  Monday, August 24, 2015

Time    :  6.30 to 8.00 p.m. (coffee/tea: 6.00 p.m.)

Venue :  Lecture Hall, National Institute of Advanced Studies, IISc Campus, Bengaluru

About the Film: Bangalore grew into prominence in the 1990s as an IT hub after liberalization of the Indian economy. Over the past decade, spurred on by corporate houses, the state is pushing to develop Bangalore into a ‘world class metropolis’. This ‘reinvention of Bangalore’ has meant the initiation of large infrastructural projects, and creation of a ‘global look’ for the city. The city and its transformation is the subject of our narrative. The film comments on the ways in which the ‘global city’ ideal is used to transform the city to benefit global business players, leaving little space for residents to shape its future.

‘Our Metropolis’ premiered at the Busan International Film Festival in October 2014, and has been screened at the Dubai International Film Festival, December 2014 and the Tromso International  Film Festival, January 2015.

The filmmakers will be present at the screening.


Directors’ profiles:

Gautam Sonti's earlier series of short films, Coding Culture is a critical examination of the experience of globalisation within the microcosm of a hi-tech workplace in Bangalore. Our Metropolis, his first feature-length documentary film, extends this theme to the entire city.

Usha Rao is a cultural anthropologist with an interest in the anthropology of cities. She has been studying the transformation of Bangalore over the past decade. In particular, she is interested in understanding the effects of the ‘global city’ discourse on the lives of people and the cityscape.

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All are welcome

For further details, please contact: Prof. Carol Upadhya <>

Monday, August 24, 2015