Caste Discrimination in Contemporary Tamil Nadu: Evidence from the Tiruppur Textile Region


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Caste Discrimination in Contemporary Tamil Nadu: Evidence from the Tiruppur Textile Region

(by Grace Carswell, Geert De Neve and Judith Heyer)


Dr. Geert De Neve

Reader in Anthropology, University of Sussex

Date:   Thursday, January 21, 2016

Time:   5.00 pm

Venue: Lecture Hall, NIAS


Abstract: This presentation examines the ways in which caste discrimination is shaping the livelihood opportunities, educational participation and political mobilisation of Dalit communities in western Tamil Nadu today. Based on long-term ethnographic and survey material from the Tiruppur region, the presentation explores the changing nature of caste discrimination as well as the extent to which persistent forms of discrimination affect Dalits’ ability to gain education, take part in new sectors of the region’s economy, and benefit from the impressive economic growth that the region has shown in the past few decades.  Despite years of industrialisation, economic growth and political mobilisation, caste prejudice - and the practices of discrimination that it entails - remain deeply entrenched across this region of Tamil Nadu, affecting the most vulnerable community of Arunthathiyars the most.  


About the Speaker: Geert De Neve is Reader (Associate Professor) of Anthropology at the University of Sussex in Brighton, UK. He is author of The Everyday Politics of Labour: Working Lives in India’s Informal Economy (Social Science Press, 2005), and has published articles on labour practices and ethical governance in India’s garment sector. He is also the co-editor of Industrial Work and Life: An Anthropological Reader (2009) and Hidden Hands in the Market: Ethnographies of Fair Trade, Ethical Consumption and CSR (2008).

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Thursday, January 21, 2016