Science Diplomacy Initiative

    Science for Diplomacy and Diplomacy for Science

     Science for Diplomacy and Diplomacy for Science


About NIAS Science Diplomacy Initiative

NIAS Science Diplomacy Initiative (NIAS-SDI) is a part of the International Strategic and Security Studies Programme at the National Institute of Advanced      Studies. The NIAS-SDI initiative aims to explore and utilize India’s Science and Technology capabilities as a tool for diplomacy and also use diplomacy for        better cooperation in the field of science globally. The initiative primarily holds three main activities namely Science Dialogues, Science Lectures and Science Briefs for data collection and outreach.

Science Dialogues

The Dialogue briefs are the outcome of a series of interviews with leading scientists and scholars. The NIAS-SDI team interviews them on a wider range of issues relating to Science Diplomacy. 

Science Lectures

This section includes live records, both Audio and Video, of public lectures and other deliberations on an array of science-related topics held as a part of the NIAS-SDI.

Science Briefs

The briefs include in-depth analytical reports on various aspects of Science and Technology reflected by leading scientists and scholars.


The NIAS-SDI team holds regular workshops for young scientists and scholars from diverse backgrounds. The workshops aim at providing an effective forum to share ideas and bring out suitable solutions to scientific problems and, also devise ways and means to take it forward globally. 

The following videos were shot as a part of the BRICS-YSF alumni meeting held in December 2018 at the National Institute of Advanced Studies. The videos give a short account on the kind of scientific research that is being carried out by young scientists in their respective fields.

BRICS-Young Scientist Forum

The NIAS-SDI also functions as a secretariat of the BRICS-YSF for the last three years. As a part of this, we coordinate the functions of the conclave and also facilitate alumni activities

Applications have been called for the fourth conclave to be held in Campinas, Brazil in NOVEMBER - 2019Click here for more information.