NIAS-Exeter PhD Programme

As a part of Heritage Studies Programme, in a truly inter-disciplinary endeavour, this PhD programme has the participation of several NIAS faculty members cutting across schools through the UKIERI-supported NIAS-Exeter Split-Site Ph.D. initiative through a MoU with Exeter University in UK. This programme brings together the disciplines of archaeology, natural sciences, performance studies, sociology, philosophy, economic history, urban studies, and cognitive studies with the aim of illuminating different aspects of our tangible and intangible heritage. 

NIAS and the University of Exeter in UK were jointly awarded funding for two projects, to run simultaneously from Autumn 2011 to Autumn 2013. These projects relate to the development of two closely associated split-site doctoral programmes, one in areas relating to Archaeology (coordinated by Sharada Srinivasan) and the other relating to Drama (coordinated by Anindya Sinha). Moreover,as the programmes in Archaeology and Drama have both been envisaged as being inter-disciplinary in nature and significantly concerned with our intangible heritage, the two technically independent projects have, in practice, been brought together under an over-arching theme of Intangible Histories. 

Significant progress has been made over the last year towards the development of the programme with a number of key milestones having been met with respect to staff exchanges and the selection of doctoral students, who would register at Exeter University but work under the joint supervision of faculty from NIAS and Exeter University.




2012 Batch

  • Brice Girbal Supervisors: Prof. Sharada Srinivasan (NIAS) Dr. Gillian Juleff (UoE)
    Project Title: The Legend of Wootz: The Technological and Archaeological context of Crucible Steel Production in Northern Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, India

  • Alice Lowson Supervisors:  Dr.Smriti Haricharan (NIAS)  Dr. Gillian Juleff (UoE)
    Project Title: Routing out Portable Antiques

  • Tathagata Neogi Supervisors: Prof. Sharada Srinivasan (NIAS) Dr. Gillian Juleff (UoE)
    Project Title: Ritual, Memory and Material Culture: Charting the Archaeometallurgical Record through the Lives of the Last Iron Workers of Northern Telangana, India

2013 Batch

  • Debanjan Mitra,  Supervisors: Prof. Bruce Bradley (UoE) and Prof. Anindya Sinha (NIAS)
    Project Title: Study of Cognitive Implications on Stone tool Technology of the Belan, Son and Middle Ganga Valleys, India, from circa 60kyr – 10 kyr
  • Jemma Singleton, ‌Supervisors: Dr Linda Hurcombe (UoE) and Prof. Sharada Srinivasan (NIAS)
    Project title: Connecting the Dots with Rock Art: A Regional Study of Rock Art Sites in South India to Identify Cultural Interaction between Humans and the Landscape.

2014 Batch

  • Kausalya Gunasena S‌upervisors: Dr. Gillian Juleff (UoE) and Prof. Sharada Srinivasan (NIAS)
    Project Title: Cultural, Technological and Ideological Exchange: Sri Lanka - South India Interaction from a Personal Adornment Perspective during the Proto-historic to Early Historic Periods.

2015 Batch

  • Kathryn Bonnet, Supervisors:  Prof. Sharada Srinivasan (NIAS) Dr. Gillian Juleff (UoE)
    Project Title: The Kandyan and Kerala Blacksmiths: an Assessment of Repertoire and Skills using Archaeological Fieldwork, Ethnometallurgy, Microstructural Analysis and Experimental Re-Enactment


2012 Batch

  • Sharanya Murali, Supervisors: Dr. Stephen Hodge (UoE) and Prof. Carol Upadhya (NIAS)
    Project Title: Performing Ethnographic Encounters: Walking in Contemporary Delhi
    PhD Awarded in 2016
  • Sabina Sweta Sen, Supervisors: Dr. Jerri Daboo (UoE) Prof. Sangeetha Menon (NIAS)
    Project Title: When our senses dance: Sensory-Somatic Awareness in Contemporary Approaches to Odissi Dance in Indiatemporary Odissi dance
    PhD Awarded in 2016
  • Swati Arora, Supervisors: Dr. Cathy Turner (UoE) Prof. Narendar Pani (NIAS)
    Project Title: Performing Delhi: Understanding the Street through Marxist, feminist and ritual theatres
2013 Batch
  • Rebecca Savory, Supervisors: Dr. Jerri Daboo (UoE) Dr Shivali Tukdeo (NIAS)
    Project Title: Performing identities in a “hybrid space”: flash mobs in contemporary urban India

2014 Batch

2015 Batch

  • Aparna Mahiariya Supervisors: Dr Shivali Tukdeo (NIAS)  Dr. Jerri Daboo (UoE)
    Project Title: Understanding Politics, Aesthetics and Performances: A Study of the Development of Street Theatre in Delhi, India

2016 Batch

  • Malavika Priyadarshini Supervisors: Prof. Carol Upadhya (NIAS) Dr Hillman
    Project Title: Political Performance and Space in Student Protests in India
  • Sonia Wagh
    Project Title: The Body of Words: A Social History of Sex and the Body in Medieval India