In-house Publications

By Chanchal Chauhan; Sameer Mishra; Sujit Swain; Harini Santhanam; R Srikanth
By Tejal Kanitkar; Nikhil Thejesh; R Srikanth
By Supriya Roychowdhury; Carol Upadhya
By Narendar Pani; et .al
By Krishnan A. V; Shyam Sundar R; Shilpa Srivastava; Srikanth R
By Chanchal Chauhan; Safinaz Saif; R Srikanth
By A V. Krishnan; Shyam Sunda; Shilpa Srivastava; R Srikanth
By Sai Baba M; Binoy V. V; Tanvi Vasan; Subhash H. J
By Srikumar Pullat; Avinash Pushparaj
By Siddhartha V
By Anitha Kurup
By Abhishek Sunil; P.M. Soundar Rajan
By Dona Baby; P.M. Soundar Rajan
By R Srikanth
By R Srikanth


As a part of NIAS Outreach activities, the Institute would like to make available free of cost a set of its publications which can be collected from  NIAS Library.