Courses sponsored by DST

As an initiative under the 'National Programme', NIAS in collaboration with the DST has been organizing annual training programmes on 'Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Science, Technology and Society' for aduration of two weeks since 2004 with implications for social, economic, political, scientific and technological issues. The programme focused on various sub-themes titled 'Knowledge Management', 'Science and Technology Communication', 'Technology, Innovation and Development', 'The Road Taken and The Planned Path: Evolution of Science and Technology Policy Planning and Dilemmas of Contemporary India'. The past and current course coordinators include Prof Dilip R Ahuja, Dr MG Narasimhan and Dr TS Gopi Rethinaraj.

NIAS has also been conducting one week programmes since 2006 on different themes such as 'Dimensions of Nano-technology', 'Science and Society', 'Energy Security and Management', 'Impact of Globalisation' , 'National Security and Strategic Issues', 'Paradigm Shift in Science and Technology', 'Technology Forecasting, Assessment and Management' and 'Policy for Science and Science for Policies'. The past and current course coordinators include Prof S Ranganathan, Dr RV Krishnan, Prof Dilip R Ahuja, Prof DP Sengupta, Prof Narendar Pani, Dr Lalitha Sundaresan, Dr Nabeel A Mancheri and Dr MG Narasimhan.

Participants of these programmes include Senior Scientists, Technologists, Administrators and Directors of various organizations.

NIAS has also been organizing a one week course since 2009 which is exclusively for Women Scientists-cum-Administrators. The themes covered in this programme include 'Dimensions of Nano-Science', 'Gender Issues in Science and Technology', 'New Technologies and Their Implications', 'Future Challenges to Society', 'Science for Progress in India' and 'Leadership and Career Development'. These courses have been coordinated by Dr M G Narasimhan, Dr Shobhana Narasimhan, Prof N Shantha Mohan, Dr Durba Biswas, Prof Sangeetha Menon and Prof Anitha Kurup.

Past DST Courses

Photos of the recent DST Training Programme

DST Training Programme, Nov 2015