Past Events

14 Jul 2021 NIAS Wednesday Discussion-Dr. Satyajit Rath will speak on “COVID-19 vaccines From Biology to Public Policy (and Back)”
7 Jul 2021 NIAS Wednesday Discussion-Mr. Lokendra, Mr. Vishnu & Ms. Avishka will speak on “From Bitcoins to Dogecoins: Everything You Need to Know About Cryptocurrencies”
30 Jun 2021 NIAS Wednesday Discussion - Dr. Srikumar M Menon will speak on “Ek-Hathiya Dewal: A Unique Rock-Cut Temple in the Kumaon Himalaya”
16 Jun 2021 NIAS Wednesday Discussion - Dr. Jayasree Vaidyanathan will speak on “Knowledge, Attitudes and Practice: The Development of Effective and Sustainable Management Strategies for Drinking Water in the Kuttanad Region of Kerala”
9 Jun 2021 NIAS Wednesday Discussion-Prof. Suba Chandran will speak on “Emerging World Order: Between Status Quo, Transition and Transformation”
4 Jun 2021 to 13 Jun 2021 NIAS SERB Workshop on "Algorithmic Thinking in Indic Tradition"
29 May 2021 NIAS-ISSSP Lecture Series on International Security: "Technologies used during Low Intensity Conflicts" by Dr SS Sundaram
26 May 2021 NIAS Wednesday Discussion - Ms. Shubhangi Srivastava will speak on “Canine ecologies under contagion pressures: Altered human-dog relations in pandemic-struck India”
19 May 2021 NIAS Wednesday Discussion - Prof. Sisir Roy will speak on “Periodicity of redshift and new challenge to Big Bang”
12 May 2021 NIAS Wednesday Discussion - Dr. Chetan Choithani will speak on “Migration, food security and development”