Complex Systems

Programme Head:  Janaki Balakrishnan
In the Complex Systems Programme, we aim to understand the dynamics underlying complex phenomena observed in Nature and in daily life. Nonlinearities in a system give rise to complex behaviour – different kinds of nonlinearities produce different varieties of complex dynamics. How do individual elements constituting a system interact with each other via mutual interactions and couplings to produce collective behaviour exhibited by the whole system? Often, systems behave in a completely unpredictable and unexpected way. Is it possible to understand why systems behave the way they do and is it possible to gain control over their dynamics? In the Complex Systems Group, we seek to address these questions. We are currently studying theoretical problems having potential for immediate use in biomedical applications, industrial applications, technology development of useful gadgets, etc.

Ankit Vikrant
Junior Research Fellow
Bhavna Kandra
Junior Research Fellow
Janaki Balakrishnan
Sudharsana V Iyengar
Post Doctoral Associate
Vaddi Meher
Junior Research Fellow



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