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Inclusive Manufacturing Forum

6-8 April 2017

NIAS, Bengaluru, India


The Forum will share best practices from experts and case studies, and debate focus of the Inclusive Manufacturing Initiative (IMI) with a set of invited keynotes and through brainstorming sessions. A report will be published to inform the policy makers, social entrepreneurs and researchers on the opportunity and how it can improve the quality of life of a very large heterogeneous population of India and internationally. The Forum, therefore, focuses on four major challenges through home and community based manufacturing of essential products for accessibility and usability:

A.   Improving rural productivity and innovation

B.   Creating alternative rural employment beyond agriculture

C.   Providing alternative source of energy for rural prosperity and sustainability

D.   Providing better rural health, sanitation, and water infrastructure.

Who should attend:

Leaders, policy makers and researchers from rural development organisations, universities, charities, NGOs, technology providers, private industries, communities, farmer/artisan/craftsman organisations, and national infrastructure organisations are invited to attend the Forum and engage actively in shaping the future agenda for this transformational project.