[Symposium]: "The case of the missing budmoth population cycles"

NIAS Wednesday Discussion Meeting

Topic: “The case of the missing budmoth population cycles”

Speaker: Dr.  Janaki Balakrishnan
Associate Professor, School of Natural & Engineering Sciences, NIAS

Chairperson: Ms. Sudharsana V. Iyengar
Ph.D. Scholar, School of Physics,
University of Hyderabad

Date: 17th February, 2016

Time: 9.30 am

Venue: Lecture Hall, NIAS

All are cordially invited

 * * *

Outbreaks of the larch budmoth insect pest infestations have been known to occur with a regularity of 8-9 years at high altitudes of the European Alps for centuries. Entire areas of larch forest cover are destroyed rapidly as a result of these infestations lending a scorched appearance to the landscape. These have not recurred, however, after 1981 and the cycles have collapsed. On the other hand, the larch forests in the Tatra mountains in the Carpathian range, which are close to the Alps, have never in their history, ever been subjected to the budmoth infestation. We discuss through our model, the 8-9 year periodicity of the outbreaks, the collapse of the budmoth cycles after 1981, as well as the absence of the cycles seen in the Tatras.

* * * * * *

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Wednesday, February 17, 2016