NIAS Wednesday Discussion: "Solar Energy Harvesting On The Go" by Sheela K Ramasesha, Lecture Hall, NIAS, 0930 hrs

National Institute of Advanced Studies

NIAS Wednesday Discussions


Topic:              “Solar Energy Harvesting On The Go”


Speaker:          Sheela K Ramasesha

                        Principal Scientist, Energy and Environment Research Programme, NIAS



Chairperson:    Rajaram Nagappa

                        Program Head, International Strategic and Security Studies Program, NIAS



Date:               14th March 2018


Time:               9.30 am


Venue:             Lecture Hall, NIAS



Abstract: ‘India has set an aggressive target of 175 GW of installed wind and solar energy capacity by 2022. India is blessed with high solar insolation all through the year in most parts of the country. With such energy harnessing potential, solar installations are gearing up to speed. Attempts are being made to set up solar panels in fields and on roof-tops of buildings. It is also interesting to consider other real estate options for setting up solar installations to generate power. Some of these aspects will be discussed in the talk.


About the Speaker:  Dr. Sheela K. Ramasesha, is a member of the Energy and Environment group of NIAS. She obtained her PhD from Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru. She has worked in many universities and organizations around the world. She is currently working in the general research area of renewable energies and policies associated with implementing these technologies in the country.



All are cordially invited

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Wednesday, March 14, 2018