NIAS Wednesday Discussion - Dr. Malini Shankar will speak on "Wildlife Journalism – A Relatively New Field of Specialisation in Journalism in the Age of Liberalised Media”

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Title: Wildlife Journalism – A Relatively New Field of Specialisation in Journalism in the Age of Liberalised Media

Speaker: Malini Shankar

               Director, Digital Discourse Foundation

Chair: M Sai Baba

Date & Time: 7 October 2020 at 4.00 PM


Abstract: Drawn to forests and wildlife stories written by Jim Corbett and Kenneth Anderson from a very young age, I was deeply influenced to practise a career in the jungles, from a very young age. Sure enough there have been and there will remain a whole lot of factors that destroy habitats for endangered wildlife. Be it the construction of dams or granting mining leases or construction of highways, all these anthropogenic factors of conflict lead to the decimation of wildlife, their genetic isolation, inbreeding and local extinction. Providing forest dwellers or forest dwelling tribes the comfort of urban development inside wildlife habitats is a curse for endangered wildlife. It is important for the fourth estate to draw the criticality in perspective, so that the powers that be can make informed decisions to legislate and issue policy guidelines not just in public interest but in the interest of sustainability of endangered wildlife. I will share my varied experiences in wildlife journalism during this lecture-demonstration.


About the speaker: Malini Shankar is a senior wildlife photojournalist, radio broadcaster, blogger, author and filmmaker based in Bangalore. She started freelancing during her postgraduate studies and opted to specialise in environmental journalism.  

Malini started her specialised reporting on the environment by writing about anthropogenic conflict in the Western Ghats – a Biodiversity Hotspot. Malini has had professional credits in the Times of India, Indian Express, New Indian Express, The Hindu, Business Line, Frontline, Statesman, Worldwide Fund for Nature India publications, CEE’s Feature Service, Third World Network Feature Service, All India Radio, Doordarshan, M 5 of France, WDR, WDR 5, Deutsche Welle World Service Broadcasting, Inter World Radio, Public Broadcasting Service, Yahoo News Young Asia Television and IPSTV.

Malini undertook a not-for-profit media tribute for the 10th anniversary of the Asian Tsunami. This tribute manifested in the form on an online picture museum on disasters, and a picture e-book. After its publication, Malini and her peers co-founded Digital Discourse Foundation, a not-for-profit new media start-up, with her as the Director of the Foundation.

Wednesday, October 7, 2020