NIAS Public Lecture: “Memory, Doubt and the Self” by Prof. Roy Perrett, Lecture Hall, NIAS, 1600hrs

Indian Institute of Science Campus, Bengaluru 560 012


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“Memory, Doubt and the Self”



Prof. Roy Perrett

Visiting Professor of Philosophy at Ashoka University, Delhi


Date : Friday, 24th November, 2017

Time : 4.00 PM

Venue: Lecture Hall, NIAS, IISc Campus, Bengaluru 560012


Chairperson: Prof. Sangeetha Menon, NIAS


Abstract: Broadly speaking, there are two competing philosophical accounts of the self: that the self is a simple enduring thing, or that it is nothing but a bundle of connected experiences. Currently the most popular choice is some version of the bundle theory, but advocates of the simple theory have long argued that there is at least a prima facie difficulty in squaring the bundle theory with certain features of the phenomenon of first-person memory. Bundle theorists have often tried to defuse the apparent problem by appeal to the notion of a quasi-memory. Arguably, however, this move resolves the original problem at the cost of introducing a different difficulty generated by the indubitability of first-person memory. I try to develop such an argument by building upon some remarks of the eighth-century Indian philosopher Sìamòkara.

About the Speaker: Roy Perrett is presently Visiting Professor of Philosophy at Ashoka University.  He was educated in New Zealand at the Universities of Canterbury (MA) and Otago (PhD), and in India as a Commonwealth Scholar at the Banaras Hindu University. Subsequently, he taught philosophy at various universities in New Zealand, Australia and the USA. He has published widely on both Indian and Western philosophy, including six authored or edited books. The most recent of these is An Introduction to Indian Philosophy (Cambridge University Press 2016), which was selected by Choice as an “Outstanding Academic Title” for 2016.

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Friday, November 24, 2017