NIAS Public Lecture: “The role of lithographs in popular culture & legacy of Raja Ravi Varma” by Sri Ganesh Shivaswamy, Lecture Hall, NIAS at 1630hrs

Literary, Arts and Heritage Forum

National Institute of Advanced Studies

Indian Institute of Science Campus, Bengaluru 560012

is pleased to invite you to a talk on


“The role of lithographs in popular culture & legacy of Raja Ravi Varma”


Sri Ganesh Shivaswamy

Trustee, Raja Ravi Varma Heritage Foundation

Chairperson: Prof. Sharada Srinivasan, School of Humanities, NIAS

On Friday 29th July, 2016, 4.30 PM, Lecture Hall, NIAS


Abstract:  Raja Ravi Varma (1848-1906), hailing from the Travancore royal family of Kerala, is well known as one of India's most famous painters and a rare Indian exponent of the style of academic realism, through his large oil paintings of portraits and mythological scenes.  While several books have been written and exhibitions conducted celebrating his oil paintings, his lithographic legacy has hitherto gone unnoticed.  The lecture explores the significance of the lithographs and what makes them endearing and relevant even today.

About the speaker: Ganesh Shivaswamy is a lawyer by profession. He has been collecting the lithographs of Ravi Varma as also the works of the popular artists whose legacies have almost been effaced from the cultural scene.  He is Trustee of the newly formed Raja Ravi Varma Heritage Foundation which was created by Bharani Thirunal Rukmini Bayi Varma.  The remarkable exhibition “Raja Ravi Varma : Royal Lithography and Legacy” conducted by the Foundation is at the National Gallery of Modern Arts (NGMA) until early Aug 2016.   Mr. Shivaswamy is the collector of 126 out of 131 lithographs on display at the Museum and Curator of the exhibition.


All are cordially invited

Friday, July 29, 2016