NIAS Lectures on “The Indian Neighbourhood” by Prof SD Muni

NIAS Lectures on the Indian Neighbourhood

The Indian Neighbourhood 

16 June 2020, Tuesday, 1130 hrs

Speaker: Prof SD Muni


Greetings from the NIAS Global Politics Course.
As a part of our Course discussions, we are initiating a series of discussions in the Indian Neighbourhood, looking at contemporary developments in the region and also their implications on bilateral relations with India. This series is being organised by NIAS in collaboration with Stella Maris College (Department of International Studies), Chennai and the University of Mysore (Department of International Relations). Depending on your schedule, we request you to take part in these discussions.

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About the speaker:

Prof SD Muni is Professor Emeritus at JNU. He taught International Relations and South Asian Studies at Jawaharlal Nehru University (1974-2006), National University of Singapore (2008-2013), Banaras Hindu University (1985-86), and University of Rajasthan (1972-73). He was also India’s Ambassador to Lao People's Democratic Republic (1997-99).

Tuesday, June 16, 2020