ISSSP Discussion: "India & Pakistan" (Panelists: Lt Gen Dr Prakash Menon, Air Marshal Bejoy Pandey, Amb Latha Reddy & Prof D. Suba Chandran) 04 March 2019, Monday, 1500 Hrs, NIAS

India & Pakistan: Between Pulawama, Balakot and Bhimber, what has changed? And what hasn’t?
Political Endgame and Military Objectives
by Lt Gen
Dr Prakash Menon
Air Strikes and Indo-Pak Military Interactions
by Air Marshal Bejoy Pandey

Diplomatic Manoeuvres
by Amb Latha Reddy

Pakistan’s Strategies, Responses & Options
by Prof D. Suba Chandran
Venue: NIAS Conference Hall
Date: 04 March 2019, Monday, 1500-1700 Hrs
Monday, March 4, 2019