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Arun Vishwanathan

Assistant Professor
International Strategic & Security Studies Programme

Room No.: A-2 (above Auditorium)
Tel: 080-2218 5052
Fax:  080-22185028 

PhD (Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi)

Joined NIAS October 3, 2011

Arun Vishwanathan is Assistant Professor in the International Strategic and Security Studies Programme. Arun holds a doctorate from the Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. His doctoral thesis was on exploring the Ambiguity in Indian nuclear decision making between 1962 and 1998. Prior to joining NIAS, he held the position of Assistant Director in the National Security Council Secretariat, Prime Minister’s Office, Government of India between 2008 and 2011. Before his tenure in the government, he was Associate Fellow at the Indian Pugwash Society, IDSA Campus, New Delhi for three years (2005 to 2008).

Arun has been selected to represent India as a Young Leader in the CSCAP Study Group on Countering the Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction in the Asia Pacific. He has participated and presented papers in various international conferences including the Regional Centre for Strategic Studies (RCSS) Summer Workshop at Lahore and the Fourth Annual LSE-GWU-UCSB International Graduate Conference on the Cold War at the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Arun specialises on issues relating to nuclear deterrence and strategy, proliferation of nuclear weapons and technology, nuclear safeguards and export controls.

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Recent Lectures

  • Hatf IX/Nasr – Pakistan’s Battlefield Nuclear Weapons: Implications for Indo-Pak Deterrence, India International Centre, Delhi, December 17, 2013.
  • Initial Remarks at discussion “Iran Today: Military and Nuclear Capabilities,” April 30, 2013, Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies, New Delhi.
  • Effects of Nuclear Explosions: An Overview with Specific Examples, Ministry of Defence HQ, Delhi, April 29, 2013.
  • India and the Nuclear Question, St. Joseph’s College, Bangalore, January 15, 2013.
  • Understanding India’s Nuclear Policy, Institute for Foreign Policy Studies, University of Calcutta, July 5, 2012.
  • Iran Nuclear Programme: An Overview, presented at the Round Table discussion, Iran: A War has Begun, National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalore, May 31-June 1, 2012.
  • Nuclear Programmes of Iran, North Korea and Myanmar, Ministry of Defence HQ, Delhi, February 8, 2012.

Recent Publications

  • Troubling Tehran: Reflections on Geopolitics, co-ed with Rajaram Nagappa, New Delhi: Pentagon Press, 2013, ISBN: 978-81-8274-723-4.
  • Hatf-IX/ NASR - Pakistan's Tactical Nuclear Weapon: Implications for Indo-Pak Deterrence, co-authored with Rajaram Nagappa and Aditi Malhotra, Bangalore: National Institute of Advanced Studies, 2013, ISBN: 978-81-87663-79-9. 
  • “IAEA Safeguards: Evolution and Current Status,” International Journal of South Asian Studies, Vol. 6, No.1, Jan-June 2013, pp. 129-146.
  • “Sino-Pak Nuclear and Missile Collaboration: Implications for India,” Defence and Security Alert, Vol. 5, Issue 1, October 2013, pp. 32-34.
  • “Tel Aviv and Pretoria’ Nuclear Tango,” International Politics, Vol. 4, No. VIII, Summer & Autumn 2011, Tehran, pp. 21-39.
  • India’s Missile Modernisation and Credible Minimum Deterrence, Generation Why: South Asian Voices, Stimson Center, Washington DC, December 5, 2013, available at
  • Nuclear Weapons and Deterrence, (co-authored with S. Chandrashekar and Rajaram Nagappa), ISSSP Reflections, No. 8, National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalore, November 18, 2013, available at 
  • Indo-Pak Relations: Moving Beyond Binaries, ISSSP Reflections, No. 7, National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalore, November 11, 2013, available at
  • India-Pak CBMs and Cricket: Duck, Six or Somewhere in Between?, (co-authored with Aryaman Bhatnagar), Generation Why: South Asian Voices, Stimson Center, Washington DC, August 30, 2013 available at
  • Nuclear Signals in South Asia, Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, August 9, 2013 available at
  • Syrian Chemical Weapons: The Danger Within, ORF Issue Brief, no. 45, Observer Research Foundation, September 2012.
  • Confrontation, Dialogue and Radicalization, Review of Fatal Faultlines: Pakistan, Islam and the West by Irfan Husain, published in The Book Review, Vol XXXVI, No. 9, South Asia XX-1, September 2012, pp. 18-19.
  • Syria’s CBWs: Clear and present danger, Deccan Herald, August 3, 2012, available at
  • ‘Chinese Checkers’ at the Nuclear Suppliers Group, IPCS Article, No. 3697, Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies, August 7, 2012, available at (republished in the Daily Press Review of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), August 8, 2012).
  • 2011 Libyan Disclosures: ‘Take-away’ for CWC verification, CBW Magazine: Journal of Chemical and Biological Weapons, Vol. 5, no. 1, January-June 2012, pp. 17-22.
  • Tracking Security Paradigms, Review of India’s National Security Annual Review 2010, by Satish Kumar Ed., The Book Review, Special South Asia Issue, Vol. XXXVI, no. 3, March 2012, pp. 22-23.
  • Shifting Balances of Power, Review of Emerging China: Prospects for Partnership in Asia, by Sudhir T. Devare, Swaran Singh and Reena Marwah Eds., The Book Review, Vol. XXXVI, no. 4, April 2012, pp. 14-15.
  • What are friends for? The supply of restricted items to Chashma via China, IDSA Comment, November 29, 2011, at
  • Criminalisation of Proliferation, in India in a Changing Global Nuclear Order, Dr. Arvind Gupta Ed., New Delhi: Academic Foundation, 2009, pp. 189-207, ISBN: 8171887708.
  • Nuclear Suppliers Group: From Estrangement to Engagement?, in India in a Changing Global Nuclear Order, Dr. Arvind Gupta Ed., New Delhi: Academic Foundation, 2009, pp. 103-119, ISBN: 8171887708.
  • Verification of the FMCT: Lessons from IAEA, OPCW and CTBTO, CBW Magazine: Journal of Chemical and Biological Weapons, Vol. 1, no. 3, April-June 2008, pp. 3-7, ISSN:0974-0619.


Courses Offered

  • Nuclear Deterrence and Strategy in Southern Asia, (August – December 2013) 
  • National Security Paper II (India and International Security), (jointly with Dr. Mayilvaganan & Dr. Nabeel Mancheri).
  • National Security Paper I, (jointly with Dr. Mayilvaganan & Dr. Nabeel Mancheri).


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